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  • ​5 tips for technology companies when preparing for an IPO July 23, 2017
    Few events during the life of a technology company are more celebrated than the initial public offering (IPO). Whether the goal is to access capital markets, increase visibility and prestige, attract and reward employees, or any one of a number of other objectives, the IPO signals a coming of age for many. While the IPO market has been somewhat tepid for the technology industry in recent years, 2017 has seemed to signal a slight uptick with the launch from the likes of Snap, Inc. leading the way.…
  • WilmerHale, Gunderson lose court battle over biotech owners’ breakup July 21, 2017
    Two former minority owners in a Hingham company claim the two law firms schemed with the majority owner — the father of a Gunderson lawyer — to cut them out of the business.
  • Lawsuit alleges Fuze didn't pay bills due to 'financial concerns' July 21, 2017
    Fuze Inc., one of the area's fastest-growing tech companies, has been burning through cash in recent years and saw major leadership changes during the time period laid out in the lawsuit.
  • ​Jury nixes Momenta patent case that sought $938M in damages July 21, 2017
    A federal jury has rejected a $938 million lawsuit filed by Momenta Pharmaceuticals that accused a California drugmaker of infringing its patent covering a generic blood-thinner. According to court records, the jury ruled Friday that while Amphastar Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: AMPH) infringed Momenta’s (Nasdaq: MNTA) patent for testing the quality of batches of the drug, the patent was invalid. Momenta and its partner, Novartis unit Sandoz, had sought $938 million in damages in the trial, which began…
  • Workers to strike Monday at Merrimack Valley home health care agency July 21, 2017
    SEIU Local 509 said that it's notified Fidelity House, a multi-site agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities, that direct care workers will be on strike from July 24 through July 26.
  • Viewpoint: How some rich people are trying to dismantle inequality July 21, 2017
    Ample research indicates that the growing problem of wealth and income inequality could stunt U.S. economic growth and undermine our democracy while stirring political polarization. Given that the federal government shows little interest in fighting economic inequality and many states are ill-equipped to do much about it, what else can be done? Studies have also found that the rich exert far more influence over government than the rest of us. This imbalance means that wealthy people who do something…
  • You'll melt: Boston soon to wax nostalgic with new Dreamland museum July 21, 2017
    By months end, Boston’s population will have increased by 110 — although the newest residents might come off as a little stiff. On July 31, the Dreamland Wax Museum across from City Hall opens its display of U.S. presidents, world and local politicians, sports figures, as well as celebrities both living and dead. Located at One Washington St., the museum is owned by Brazil-based Dreams Entertainment Group, which owns and operates over 30 museums in Brazil, Mexico, and Latin American. Boston…
  • Pharma giant Astellas joins biotech stampede into Cambridge July 21, 2017
    The Greater Boston market, and Cambridge in particular, has ranked as the top life sciences market in the world for years. Now there's another biotech company establishing a foothold in the city.
  • 300 workers at Western Mass. hospital vote to join union July 21, 2017
    Around 300 workers from Cooley-Dickinson Hospital are joining one of the biggest health care unions in the state after a vote this week. The workers — mainly administrative, housekeeping, transport and food service workers — join the growing health care union, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. The union currently has 56,000 members in Massachusetts alone, and will now begin to form a bargaining committee with those employees andstart negotiating the first contract. SEIU is still looking…
  • 5 Boston neighborhoods driving “Mass Miracle 2.0” July 21, 2017
    For some, the Boston of today might well draw comparisons with or invoke memories of the “Massachusetts Miracle” of the 1980s – a phrase coined by former Gov. Michael Dukakis to describe the city’s period of sustained economic growth in the tech and financial sectors. The city is currently undergoing a surge in growth that began within the last decade and which continues to be driven by an increasingly vibrant startup community and infectious entrepreneurial spirit. However, this image…


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